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Our Achievements

During their careers in resource planning Adrian and Keith have have achieved different things that they are proud of, those highlighted below are some of the most memorable:





During our second year we have been proud to work with and for some of the biggest household names within the private and public sectors as well as valued returning customers.


Our deliveries have be varied and include:

- Resource planning function review and recommendation report

- Resource planning interim management and improvement

- Schedule review and home working implementation recommendation

- Job interview, candidate scoring and recommendation

- Back office resource planning feasibility study

- Back office resource planning design and implementation


We have formed close relationships with local charities which we support through sponsorship and personal participation of their



Both Adrian and Keith remain accredited resource planning professionals with The Forum (previously known as: The Professional Planning Forum) and continue to share best practice through social media and industry events.



Perhaps the year of biggest change in both our working careers as we left Aviva and set up Select Planning Ltd.


During 2013 we worked with and for many different businesses and organisations in both the public and private sector, retail and service providers.


Our deliveries included:

- Discovery work and recommendation to guide business transformation

- Creation of capacity planning processes to support business transformation and strategic decision making

- Set up and administration of call centre schedules

- Schedule review and change 

- Model building to support long and short term planning processes

- Website review for customer improvement

- Sharing best practices





- Rolled out the Resource Optimisation project across 7 UK general insurance claims sites, delivering the following:

  - Customer demand and workload forecasting, long term capacity planning, scheduling (using WFM) and reporting

  - Managers tool kit to realise the benefits of the work

- Professional Planning Innovation of the year finalist 2010 (recognition of the Resource Optimisation project)


Click on the documents below to learn more about the Resource Optimisation Project:


Click to open the case studyClick to open the presentation


- Implementation of the planning staff training framework and Professional Planning Forum Accreditation scheme

- Adoption of Systems Thinking approach to further embed resource planning with in the claims centres

- Professional Planning Forum event speaker and panel members

- Professional Planning Forum innovation award judge

- Adrian's 2010 Planning Hero award

  Adrian and the other Planning Heros




- Initiated and managed the project to Roll out of a Work Force Management Tool (Blue Pumpkin) across 7 onshore and 3 off shore General Insurance sales and service call centres.

- Restructured the General Insurance scheduling processes, introducing service expectancy reports at schedule publication and staff schedule forums.

- Introduced a new long term capacity plan modelling technique to the general insurance senior management team and planning function.

- Development of new capacity planning techniques for back office functions.


Up to 2004


- Initiated and managed project Eureka, delivering the following:

  - Direct sales call centre call handling restructure and optimisation

  - Management information re-build including data retention and report rationalisation

  - Telephony review and removal of complex overflows to create an improved structure

- Professional Planning Innovation of the year winner 2004 (recognition of project Eureka).

Adrian, Keith and the Eureka team with the award in 2004 

Click on the documents below to learn more about Project Eureka:


Click to open the case studyClick to open the presentation