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Welcome to this section of our site in which you can download copies of our brochures which will explain in more detail the services we offer and the benefit they can be to you.
Click on the image to open each brochure.
 Meet Your Customers Real Needs brochure
The Benefits Of Planning: Meeting Your Customers Real Needs

Can you afford to ignore your customer's real needs and how well you are doing at meeting them? 
Within this brochure we highlight the main questions you should be seeking the answers to and the benefits to your business, customers and staff of getting it right. 
 An Introduction to Resource Planning brochure
An Introduction to Resource Planning

A summary of what Resource Planning is and how Select Planning Ltd can help you unlock its benefits. 
Within this brochure we highlight the main things required to make Resource Planning successful in your business and introduce you to the services we provide to help implement them.
Adding Value from Resource Planning brochure
Achieving Value from Resource Planning

Essentially what Resource Planning is and how it can benefit you and your business.
Within this brochure we detail the important components of Resource Planning and how we can place them within your grasp.
Introducing our Discovery Proposition brochure 
Discovery Proposition

How we can help you by establishing where you are, where you want to be and how to get there, enabling you to prioritise what you do so you get the right things done in the order that gives you the best outcome.
 Introducing our Validation Proposition brochure
Validation Proposition

How we can help you when you've undertaken work that you feel could benefit from another's point of view. Providing you with independent opinion that gives you security that you've done the right thing and are meeting or setting industry standards.