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Working together

Because opinions matter, gathering them together is an important part of working with you. Without understanding exactly what you want it is unlikely that Select Planning will be able to meet your needs and deliver the benefits you seek as completely as possible.


Our first priority when working with you is to agree what it is you need and then to document it in a way that is easy to understand and refer back to. Our intention is to make this as simple as possible so we can concentrate on the work itself, so to make that possible we have drawn up some documents to help.


Our consultants work with you and your staff and we aim never to tell you, but to work alongside you so that the solutions are sustainable.

Because it is important to keep you informed of progress Select Planning encourages regular conversation and reporting against major milestones. Confirmation of achievements is encouraging, but it is as important to identify problems so they can be overcome quickly.
The Specification document is the product of our agreement and contains the parameters of the work to be carried out. The level of detail is dependent on the nature of the requirements and envisaged solution. Select Planning will refer back to this document whilst working with you, using it as a basis to identify progress against.
Click To View our T&CTo ensure our relationship continues as it started we have drawn up our Terms and Conditions which outline our preferred way of doing business with you. Our aim is to delight you with the service we provide and our Terms and Conditions support this so you are welcome to read them in full by downloading a copy.