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About Select Planning
We are passionate about the use of Resource Planning and Business Intelligence within business as a means of supporting the delivery of exceptional customer service that is sustainable, cost effective and engaging.
We have a proven track record of working with senior and operational managers, enabling them to make the right changes and the most of their available staff resources.
Why take just our word for it? Please take a look at what others have said about what we have done.
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About Adrian Hawes

Co-founded Select Planning Ltd after 25 years working at Aviva. Having spent 10 years in operational and leadership roles in front and back office, Adrian moved to his first Operational Support role. Since then, Adrian has successfully led Operational Support teams covering resource planning, scheduling, real-time, MI & performance insight, telephony and major business transformation – across sales, servicing and claims environments covering front and back office.


During this time, Adrian became a regular contributor to industry best practice – primarily through his close connections to the Professional Planning Forum. He is a very proud winner of their 2004 Innovation Award, a subsequent finalist in 2010 and 3 times a judge.


In addition, Adrian has been a regular speaker and panel member at best practice events, is professionally accredited and a member of the Steering Group driving the development of the UK’s first university degree in Contact Centre planning and management.

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All of this has enabled Adrian to pursue his passion for driving professionalism and best practice in our industry where sharing and learning becomes simply part of its DNA.

About Keith Stapleton

Co-founded Select Planning Ltd having led and worked within resource planning at Aviva for over 10 years. His experience has built up an extensive range of expertise and knowledge as well as an understanding of what makes resource planning successful and of benefit to any business.


Keith has over 20 years experience in finance ranging from operational work and management to sales and financial advice with a bank.


Central to his successes are his beliefs that trust, communication and confidence are essential parts of resource planning along with the development of the people who work within the operation and have to use planning every day.


As a regular participant within Industry best practice communities and founder accredited member of the Professional Planning Forum accreditation scheme Keith has been willing and able to share his successes with others, whilst expanding his own knowledge.


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Keith proudly won the Professional Planning Forum innovation of the year award in 2004 as well as being a finalist in 2010.